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The first property development app: Site supervision, Completion works, Handover

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Stay on schedule

All issues are detailed, pinpointed, and assigned to the right dwelling.
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Positions sur plan
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Smoother workflow
It’s easier to manage post-delivery issues. Snags can be resolved once a contractor has completed an outstanding task.
Sent immediately
Your site meeting reports are generated and sent out immediately at the end of the site inspection.
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Snag-free delivery

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Precise remarks

Our draw feature can be used on photos and plans, so the remarks you send out to contractors are crystal clear. No more back and forth emails and phone calls.
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Quick corrections

Contractors receive email notifications about the jobs they have to do and can correct them before handing over to the owner.
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Image de l'entreprise

Développer l’image de votre entreprise

Diffusion rapide
Vos comptes-rendus sont générés et diffusés instantanément à la fin de la réunion de chantier.
Compte-rendu de chantier
Procès verbaux clairs
Vos procès verbaux sont clairs et enrichis de photos et annotations.
PV de livraison
Flux d'intervention facilités
La gestion des défauts post-livraison est facilitée. Chaque réserve peut être levée après le passage des entreprises.
Gestion post-livraison
Multi support
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Property Development module

Works supervision designed for property development.
It’s got it all!
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Manage your remarks by dwelling or area.
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Manage remarks by dwelling/area
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